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GPS Vehicle tracking solutions completed by Bristol Private Detectives can provide you with necessary info about the times and movements of a GPS receiver connected to a vehicle. These kinds of details could be priceless for companies and personal clients alike who would like to observe the driving techniques and speeds of employees as well as the economy of the vehicle.

Bristol Private Detectives come with an outstanding reputation in providing their company customers with their required details when checking their fleet and company and vehicles. Our solutions also have assisted personal customers monitor their car whilst out on vacation or operating from another country.

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Bristol Vehicle Tracking

The father of a 17-year old son who had just begun to drive on his own called the Bristol Private Detectives. The new driver could not afford a car yet and would be depending on the family car for his driving needs. All of his life the son bragged about wanting to drive like a race car driver, but he always backed down when his father confronted him with this. The boy said he was only joking but the father feared there was a kernel of truth in his jokes. He had passed his driving test with ease and everything about his practice driving suggested he was good at it. However, our client was nervous about the young man possibly showing off for his friends. Our private detectives offered a simple yet effective solution for the father. They suggested he have our professional private detectives fit a GPS with a transmitter on the family car.

Vehicle Tracking in Bristol

Our private investigator fitted the GPS on the car in a secure place. After that, it was easy for the father to know exactly how the son was driving and where he was taking the car. With the GPS, he could tell how fast the young driver was going, how far he was going and what his destinations were. It was the closest thing that he could have done without being in the car next to his son. He told his son that he would be watching his driving remotely. His hope was that his son knowing about the GPS might deter him from doing anything dangerous. However, despite the young man being fully aware of the device, he exceeded the speed limit in a residential area his first time on his own. The father also told him that he could not use the family car simply to cruise. If he needed to go somewhere specifically, then he was free to use the car to go directly to that destination provided his parents didn't need the car. However, it was clear from following him electronically that he sometimes had no destination at all and was simply riding around. While he paid for his own fuel, cruising added unnecessary mileage to the car. An amassed number of such excursions could be costly for the resell value of the car and the wear and tear on it. The father and son spoke often about what the GPS reported, and each time the father clarified and reiterated the rules about driving the car. The good news for the father was that he saw no attempt by his son to live out any race car fantasies in the family car.

The father told our private investigator that the GPS our technician fitted to the car satisfied his need to know how his son was driving. His only goal was to give his son some independence, but not so much independence that he behaved recklessly. His son told him that he didn't tell his friends about the GPS. He didn't want them to know that his father was watching over him. They just thought that he was a safe and responsible driver. The father has since referred his employer to Bristol Private Detectives to have his company's trucks fitted with GPS to oversee the business' professional drivers as well.