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Bristol Private Detectives offer you tracing debtor professional services which will help locate those who are in debt to you for serious amounts of money and for reasons unknown have flatly rejected to pay back the funds which they are obligated to pay. There are numerous scenarios which require our tracing debtor professional services and our resourceful and skilled private investigators have had many excellent results in carrying this out for our clientele.

If they do not wish to give the money back to you and someone owes you money it can be a frustrating business trying to get it back. In order to retrieve the owed money, our private investigators can carry out background checks into the debtors to find an address to enable their client to serve court documents to them and take them to court.

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Tracing Debtors - private investigators Bristol

Bristol Tracing Debtors

As an act of generosity and trust, a man lent his half-brother a large amount of money. When his older half-brother disappeared the same day he received it, he came to the Bristol Private Detectives hoping that they could find him. Our client came to us angry and embarrassed. His half-brother played him for a fool. It was almost a perfect scam. There was 14-year age difference between them, and they had never been close. However, there hadn't been any bad blood between them either. The much older half-brother lived in the same house for a few years when their father married our client's mother after a divorcing his mother. The half-brother and our client only ran into each other at weddings and funerals and occasional holidays. There was always a hug and a few jokes between the two men but nothing more. So, it surprised our client when his half-brother showed up at the door of his house. He said he had been sick and not working and that his wife had left him with an enormous debt. He was better now and had a prospect for a great job but he needed to pay off what he owed others who were putting pressure on him. If he could borrow enough money to clear his debt, then he would pay back his brother gradually once the new job started. He even named an insurance company that he claimed had hired him. The brother thought he knew the man well enough to trust him and lent him the money. However, when he tried to call him to see how he was doing, the telephone number his half-brother had given him belonged to a Chinese take-away. Nobody else in his family knew where to reach him. He came to our office to hire a private detective to track his half-brother down.

Tracing Debtors in Bristol

Fortunately, the family was cooperative and able to give a lot of information to our private investigator to get him started in his search. One of the cousins knew that his wife left him because he had a new girlfriend. He knew the woman's name and the part of town in which she lived. Our private detective interviewed the woman's, and she claimed that he left her after taking some money from her also. She said he had been talking about visiting a military friend in a nearby town recently. One of his cousins knew the friend and our private detective watched the half-brother come and go from the house.

Our client quickly contacted his solicitor, and, using the address of the half-brother's friend, our private detective quickly served the half-brother with legal papers. The half-brother returned claiming he had just needed some time to get away and rest. However, every indication pointed to his leaving for good and with two peoples' money. In time the court did get most of our client's money back for him. Our client had nothing more to do with his half-brother. He later recommended our services to his employer when the company needed to uncover some fraud.