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If you suspect that your partner is cheating or if you are a business client and wish to catch out an employee on bogus sick leave them surveillance at Bristol Private Detectives is the service for you. Our expert and significantly experienced private detectives can covertly focus on your target to achieve the details you need.

Our Bristol private investigators are first rate with regards to the top rate and high tech equipment they expertly use to get the greatest results feasible within your scenario. Operating together our covert private detectives can stay undiscovered for many hours at a time.

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Bristol Surveillance

The owner of a furniture shop came to the Bristol Private Detectives having heard some rumours. One of the men who moved furniture for him had slipped in the warehouse of the store while moving a chest and claimed to have hurt his back badly. He claimed he would not be able to work for some time. However, the rumour going around was that the man was fine. He was just trying to get several weeks of time off so he could hang out at his flat with his new unemployed girlfriend. Some thought he had his eye on permanent disability benefits and perhaps a lawsuit against the store. Others claimed to have seen him around his neighbourhood looking healthy and happy. However, they were only rumours. If they were true, the shop owner needed proof. He hired a private detective in our Bristol office to find out if the man was indeed faking his injury. He supplied our investigator with the man's home address.

Surveillance in Bristol

Our private detective began surveillance the next day equipped with a video camera. Sitting outside the man's flat there was little sign of life in the apartment until shortly after noon. A man, who fit the description of the employee and was later identified as the same, came out of the front door and was walking gingerly as though protecting an injured back. As he continued his route to the market, his pace picked up, and he looked much more comfortable walking. With two sacks full of food, he returned to his house walking again without any sign of a problem. However, as he got closer to house, he slowed down and stooped some as though carrying the groceries was a burden. He put on a great show for the neighbours. A few days later, our private investigator with his video camera recorded the man as he left his flat. This time he followed a different route which ended at an outdoor basketball court where he met a few friends for almost an hour of basketball. Our investigator managed to get video of most of the game with a telephoto lens. Clearly, the relationship with his new girlfriend became more serious, because on the following weekend he helped her move her possessions from her flat to his. The girlfriend owned a lot, and the two of them moved large boxes and some light furniture without any help. Again, our private detective recorded much the move on video.

When our private investigator gave all the evidence to the shop owner, he called for the employee to meet with him. The man walked into the room as though he needed a walker but left after he saw the videos fully upright, without any sign of injury and without a job. Before he left, he tried to claim the basketball game was physical therapy and that they couldn't afford help for his girlfriend's move. It was clear that even he didn't think he could make those excuses work. Our private detective suggested the owner put a CCTV camera in the store's warehouse to record any future mishaps that might occur there.