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At Bristol Private Detectives we have private investigation services which will help you with many answers to your problems. All of our specialist private investigators and detectives are really knowledgeable and skilled in the private detective industry and will execute your service in appropriate and cost effective method.

Our private investigation services have been used by lots of happy consumers inside the twenty-five years that people have been coming to us. We have got an amazing success record especially with our most widely used surveillance service, which is proven to find out all the facts behind your situation.

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Bristol Private Investigations

Our client first came to Bristol Private Detectives because her husband often stayed out until the early hours of the morning. Several times a week, he would say that he was going out with his friends usually to watch football and drink. However, on those nights, he rarely got home until around 1:00am. They had been married for eight years and both were in their early 30s. She was upset that her husband was not spending more time at home and she feared he might be having an affair. She had no evidence of an affair. Once she found lipstick in a colour she didn't own on one of his shirts while she was doing the laundry. He claimed he got it from hugging a co-worker at her retirement party. She also felt he usually dressed too nicely for just going to the pub with some friends to watch a match. She wanted to hire a private detective to find out exactly where her husband went these evenings. She supplied our private investigator with a picture of her husband and all the addresses that were relevant. He usually came home and ate supper with her and then he went out about 8:00pm.

Private Investigations in Bristol

Our private detective waited outside the home until the husband left. He followed him first to a pub where he stayed for 20 minutes. From there he drove to a nightclub and waited outside until a woman arrived. He gave her a friendly peck on the cheek, and they went into the club together. About an hour and half later, they left the club and walked a short distance and went into another club. They stayed in that club for the rest of the evening. About 12:30am the man left the club alone, walked back to his car and drove home. The next two times the private detective followed the man on his nights out, the patterns were similar. He simply drove to a club, met the same woman, and they would either stay at the first club or go on to another club or two. The husband always left alone and returned directly home. On the third night, our private investigator decided to find out who the woman was, and he followed her to her flat. From the address he discovered her name and found out that she also worked in the same office as the husband. When our private detective presented all the evidence to the wife, he was surprised that she smiled. She understood exactly what her husband's nights out were about.

The wife told our private investigator that her husband had a passion for dancing. He always did. However, she was more of a movie and book person than a dancer. He had often tried to persuade her to go dancing with him, but she had always refused. While she was disturbed that he was spending so much time with his co-worker, she had no doubt that he was simply dancing with her and there was no romance or adultery involved. The wife began to suggest to her husband that they go dancing on occasional evenings. Her wanting to go dancing thrilled him, and he began to go out less and less on his own. She told our private detective in a follow-up that she had never mentioned to him that she knew he had been going out with his co-worker. She had also decided it was better occasionally to indulge his passion than to try to change it.