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If you are in need of a repair, investigation or you have forgotten your pin, phone forensic services offered by Bristol Private Detectives can help you. These day our mobile phones are like a second skin for us and we store every bit of information we have in our lives so if anything goes wrong with them it can be a complete disaster.

No matter what your circumstances, company or personal telephone use, our experienced and devoted private investigators in Bristol will be able to support you with your mobile phone issue. We now have experienced massive achievement in retrieving data, pin codes and feasible repairs for fallen or fluid ruined phones. Providing our customers the reassurance they can operate their lifestyles successfully.

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Bristol Phone Forensics

A frantic middle-aged woman called the Bristol Private detectives concerned about her Smartphone. It was her first Smartphone and she had downloaded several applications while trying to discover all the tools available to her. However, soon the phone began to act strangely. It would freeze and make clicking sounds. The phone slowed down significantly. Then she happened to watch a television programme about phone hackers foisting spyware on unsuspecting Smartphone users sometimes through malicious apps. According to the television, nothing was safe on the phone once somebody installed the software. Some of the symptoms that the programme advised people to look for were the same symptoms she was experiencing with her phone. She had just broken up with a boyfriend of many years, and she wouldn't put it past him to do something like that. Or maybe she had downloaded some Trojan application when she downloaded the others. Whatever the case, the phone's behaviour convinced her that someone was spying on her. It could be her boyfriend trying to keep track of her or some hacker trying to get her passwords and steal her identity. She had no idea, but she was certain it was something like that. She asked our private investigator if he would find the spyware on her phone and remove it. Our investigator asked her to bring the phone to our phone forensics department to have one of our forensic technicians have a look at it.

Phone Forensics in Bristol

At our Bristol private investigator office, she told our investigator that she wished that she had never bought the phone. It created nothing but worry for her. When she wasn't thinking about someone using it to spy on her, she was afraid she was going to break it. Our technician took the phone and did a sweep. There was no spyware on the phone. Nobody was trying to find out anything about her through her phone. But he did notice that some of her applications consumed much of the phone's memory and this was most likely the reason for its bad behaviour. He also discovered that a couple of the apps were older and might not be fully compatible with this model of phone. He showed her which apps were problematic and helped her remove them or put them into an inactive mode. Since the woman was new to smartphones he gave her advice that would foster her peace of mind about Smartphone privacy. First, he advised her to create a password to access her phone. That way, nobody would be able to put an app on the phone except its owner. He also advised her not to connect her phone to any other devices that belonged to someone else or to open any attachments from unknown sources. While everyone wants to be a Good Samaritan, our expert discouraged her from letting strangers borrow her phone. If there was a real emergency, he told our client she should offer to make a call for the person rather than hand her phone over. And she should do exactly what she did this time if she was suspicious that someone had hacked her phone: bring it in to the forensics department at Bristol Private Detectives.

The woman was grateful for the support from our private investigators. She brought the telephone in periodically when she had trouble with it because of the useful advice our technician had given her. She now is confident that her phone is safe and secure.