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PC forensics at Bristol Private Detectives will help you with any issues you might be going through with your IT equipment, possibly both at home and at the office. If you are operating a business and your computer systems is unusually slow or perhaps you are a person who feels their personal computer could be bugged we are able to assist.

Our PC forensic solutions can deal with the various Computer issues you might have. You may want to understand how the key details about a new product have gotten into the wrong hands when you might have only told to one other individual is now being produced by your competitor. Our private detectives can forensically test out your computer systems to identify any spyware, bugs or viruses.

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A mother of two boys contacted the Bristol Private Detectives with some Internet concerns. The boys were 12 and 10 years old and were using the computer for everything. They went online to work on school projects and they enjoyed playing games. They also communicated with their friends. The mother accepted the Internet was part of their world, but she worried about dangers that might lurk there including inappropriate adult sites of all kinds, advertisements and child predators. She would not allow the children to have computers in their rooms until they were older. There was one in the lounge and one a small office just off the kitchen. The boys had access to each and the mother could supervise their Internet surfing when she was present. However, it was impossible for her to be looking over their shoulders all the time. Often she would find them already up and on the computers in the morning when she got up for the day. At other times, homework would run late, and she couldn't always stay with them until they finished it. And the boys were getting old enough that they needed a little space. She spoke to our private investigators asking that they use their security expertise to help her keep her boys safe while they were on the Internet. And she wanted to do this in a way that was not too intrusive. She had heard of some nanny software programs that blocked sites, but she had also heard that they can block too much. Our client wasn't so interested in blocking access on the family computer as she was in checking what her sons were doing with it.

PC Forensics in Bristol

Our private detective introduced her to a parental PC monitoring service that we provide. With this software she would be able to supervise her boys on the computer. The software would log websites visited, online searches the boys performed, emails sent and received, files opened, documents and pictures printed, chat conversations and even passwords used. The program even logged keystrokes. The boys could do nothing on the Internet without their parents knowing it. This solution delighted the mother. Our private investigator installed it on the two family computers the next day. The mother told the boys the program was on the computer. She didn't want them to find out about it later and feel betrayed. About a week after our private investigator put the software in place, our client came across a particularly nasty email from a school bully addressed to the 12 year old. He had been too embarrassed and upset to share it with her. The mother helped him navigate the problem with the assistance of his school.

The mother told our private detectives that she was grateful for the peace of mind the monitoring software brought her. She even spoke about it to a school parents' group and several other parents wanted it also for the computers their children used. The mother has become somewhat of a spokesperson for cyber-safety and has sent many clients our way for help.