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It could be a headache searching for a nanny to take care of your kids but it is also as hard for a nanny that is searching to work alongside a family. If you are not going through an agency, if it is your first time away from home and you are in a new town or city making sure the family you go to is the right one for you is hard. At Bristol Private Detectives we will help you check out the family you are considering dealing with.

Our great private investigators are able to perform investigations in to the family to ensure they are a great family to work with. At Bristol Private Detective we can find out if the family are upstanding pillars in neighbourhood. Bristol Private Detectives can provide nanny checking solutions to both the nanny and the family alike to look into the history of both the nanny and the family.

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Bristol Nanny Monitoring

A mother of three contacted the Bristol Private Detectives upset about suspicions she had concerning the children's nanny. She thought she had heard men's voices at night in the house. Although she went to the nanny's room to see if she had a visitor, she was never able to catch her with anyone. It was strictly against the house rules for her to have any visitors in the house, especially not men. Our client felt sure that she was entertaining men after everyone else had gone to bed. She asked our private investigator for advice in finding out the truth. He advised her that he could place hidden cameras above the front and rear doors, and they would record anyone coming into the house or leaving it. Our client agreed to this measure and our private detective set up a time for installing the cameras.

Nanny Monitoring in Bristol

The night after our private investigator put the cameras in place, the mother put the video software on record and went to sleep. What she saw the next morning when reviewing the video proved that she was not imagining things. At a little after midnight, the video showed the nanny creeping toward the back door. She let in a young man. They immediately began to embrace, kiss and grope one another before he was even fully in the house. Soon they disappeared into the nanny's room. He left about 45 minutes later. The mother thought that was incriminating enough but sent the video forward to make sure the man did not return. She was shocked when about 2:30am the scene played itself out with yet another young man. Not only did the mother have evidence of one visitor, but she witnessed two. The foreplay in the doorway suggested the nanny was not only breaking the rules, but she was also mocking them by risking getting caught. And just when the mother thought the night was over, the first man returned for a second session with the nanny. He stayed until just before sun up. The mother wondered if she was running a decent household or a brothel. She waited until later in the morning after the children had gone to school and then produced the video for the nanny who had little say in her own defence. Our client summarily dismissed the nanny without notice or severance pay.

The whole incident upset the mother who asked for another consultation with the Bristol Private Detectives. She felt that this raunchy behaviour had violated the safety and comfort of her home. She wondered how she could ever trust a nanny again after this. Our private investigators offered her several suggestions for choosing a safe nanny and then how to monitor her behaviour while she was in the home. After this promiscuous nanny, our client never hired another childcare professional without our detectives doing a thorough background check on each one. Our detectives also placed several nanny cams around the house in strategic locations where the nanny would spend most of the time with the children. This brought the mother peace of mind about the caretakers she brought into her house. And, of course, she kept the two cameras which guarded both doors.