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Matrimonial Investigations Bristol

There are various issues that can happen throughout a marriage or long lasting relationship, the majority of these issues we can usually taken care of by the couple themselves. There are times when the situation may have gone too far for you to do something alone, like infidelity, however,

Bristol Private Detectives are expert matrimonial investigators who can deal with all matrimonial issues.

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Bristol Matrimonial Investigations

Our client first came to the Bristol Private Detectives because he found something online about his wife that worried him. She had been unemployed for some time, and she was always complaining the he never brought home enough pay from his job. They often argued about the family budget until suddenly they didn't. All at once, his wife had enough money for the groceries and the bills. Our client told the private detective that at first he thought she was just spending more wisely until he noticed some of purchases were a little extravagant. For example, she bought him an expensive camera that he had wanted for his birthday. This bothered him but she swore she had just been saving the leftover grocery money. One night when he went on the home computer, he saw that she had left a browser open to a site that offered escort services. His wife had left it opened to profile that matched her description closely. There was no picture available in the profile except a stock photo that they used for all the profiles without personal pictures. It described someone who could 'meet the needs' of any gentleman seeking companionship during their lunch break. Although he was almost certain it was his wife, he had enough doubt to seek the services of our private investigators. He hired a private detective to find out if she was the woman in the profile. And if she was, he wanted to know exactly what she was doing. He provided a URL for the profile and a current picture of his wife.

Matrimonial Investigations in Bristol

Our private detective set up surveillance outside the home. It took two days before the woman left the house. The woman drove her car to a city hotel and into an elevator. She did not return to the hotel lobby for an hour. Then she returned home, stopping only to buy groceries. Our private investigator captured photographs all along the way. The next day, she left again and met a group of men for lunch at a tony restaurant. After lunch, she left with one of the men and went to a house not far from there. Again, she stayed there for about another hour and then left for home. The same pattern occurred twice more before the private investigator had gather enough evidence to finally convince the husband of that which he didn't want to believe. His wife was not simply an escort which would have been bad enough for him. She was working as a prostitute, servicing her clients exclusively at lunchtime. The profile was hers.

The heartbroken husband presented the woman with the pictures and the report provided by our private detective. She had no choice but to confess, but she said she only did it because they never had enough money to suit her. She liked that it paid more than any other job she could get, and she only had to work a couple of hours a day. The husband said that he could not live with her 'job' and gave her an ultimatum. She promised to quit prostituting. However, a year later the husband hired the Bristol Private Detectives to follow her again. The second time it ended in divorce.