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In certain partnerships it may be difficult to take the truth, maybe your partner is suspicious that you have committed adultery and you can't convince them that you haven't or you think your lover has been unfaithful to you on a stag or hen weekend. Regardless of the scenario a lie detector test completed by Bristol Private Detectives will help you.

If there is mistrust in a relationship a lie detector or polygraph test can help you get to the truth and hopefully return the trust to your relationship at this difficult time. Lots of people who hire a private investigator in Bristol for polygraph solutions use our Bristol detectives as all of our examiners are certified and qualified by the American and European Polygraph Association.

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Bristol Lie Detector Test

A couple came to see the investigators at Bristol Private Detectives to resolve a huge problem they were having. The couple had been married for 14 years. A couple of years back, the wife accused her husband of having an affair with a woman from his office. Even though the husband had continuously denied the accusation, the wife continued to believe it. To complicate matters further, the unwed woman at the office gave birth to a son. The wife adamantly believed the son belonged to her husband. She recently saw the baby and became furious when she noticed that he shared an eye colour with her husband. She had been nearly hysterical at home since accusing the husband constantly of infidelity and parenting the child. The harried husband continues to protest his innocence, but his wife refuses to be convinced. She wanted to know how to prove someone is lying. Finally, he offers to take a lie detector test to prove that he had been telling the truth all along. He felt the mistrust and the accusations put an unwieldy burden on their marriage, and he wanted to prevent his wife's suspicions from destroying it. His wife agreed to accept the results of the test. The specific questions that she wanted answered were: Did the man have an affair with his co-worker? Was the co-worker's baby his? And did the man have any other affairs since he married his wife? The husband agreed to these questions and to the right of his wife to know the results of the lie detector test. Our private detective explained the procedure to both of them and agreed to administer the test.

Lie Detector Test in Bristol

After the examiner took the husband into a separate room, he attached him to the polygraph machine. He then began to set a baseline for the man's reactions asking a series of control questions. Once the examiner completed that, he began asking the man a series of questions, some related to the three questions and others not. When asked specifically 'Did you have a sexual affair with (the name of the woman)', the man denied it and the polygraph supported his denial as true. After more questions, the examiner asked if he could be the father of the baby. Again, he denied fathering the child and again the polygraph showed the man was telling the truth. Finally, after several more questions, the examiner asked if the husband had had any affairs since he had been marriage. He denied it, but the lie detector test spiked signalling that he had, in fact, had an affair. It was simply one question too many.

In accordance to their agreement, our private investigator provided the results to the wife and the husband jointly. The husband admitted having had sex with another woman early in their marriage. He described it as a one-time fling that he deeply regretted, and it never happened again. While the test absolved him of his wife's original accusations about his co-worker, the new information it provided overshadowed those accusations. This created something new for the wife to worry about. The couple returned a week later to have the husband take the test again to prove that he had only had the single affair. He passed the test and that was the last time Bristol Private Detectives heard from the couple.