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Fraud is a really expensive and time-consuming criminal activity that impacts both company and personal clients alike. It may wreck business and lives but at Bristol Private Detectives we know that these crooks are only out for their own gain and we believe that they ought to be made accountable for their offence and penalized, but also they should make amends towards the sufferer.

Catching these offenders may take some time and could be expensive and our knowledgeable and pleasant Bristol private investigators will help you using our fraud investigation services that have helped many clients in the past in a well-timed and price efficient way. Our private investigators are committed to catching these individuals and discovering the truth.

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Bristol Fraud Investigations

The manager of a food market contacted the Bristol Private Detectives concerned about repeated cases of minor loss. The store always estimated some loss into their accounting for damaged products and shoplifting. However, there had been a slight spike in recent months in the difference between what stock they bought and what they sold. It was so small that it almost defied measurement, but the manager had worked there for 20 years. He knew almost instinctively that somehow the store was 'leaking' some of its product. The consistency of the loss was the telling thing. It seemed more uniform over the last few months than a random loss or shoplifting pattern. Someone might be pilfering the stock around the edges in small enough quantities that it would go largely unnoticed. Most of it seemed to come from the fine foods and wine section. The manager wanted to hire our private investigators hoping to discover who could be skimming from the stock at the market.

Fraud Investigations in Bristol

The market already had cameras on the main floor to watch for shoplifters and other trouble in the store. Our private investigators noticed, however, the store had not monitored the stock receiving area and the break room. If the loss was an inside job, the stolen stock could go through either the break room or the dock without getting much attention. Our private detectives placed a hidden camera to get a good view of those arriving or leaving through the break room and two hidden cameras gave a sweeping view of the loading dock. After a few days of watching, the camera recorded a stock clerk removing a canned ham from a case and spiriting it out the back dock doors. The CCTV camera recorded him giving the ham to an unknown person in exchange for money right off the dock. The manager told the man he had been spotted selling goods out of the back of the store. Since the clerk did not deny it, the manager fired him right away. However, that was only the beginning. The Christmas shipments came in which included a sizeable amount of wine. The dock cameras caught another clerk placing a case of wine on the dock and waiting while looking around nervously. Soon, a car approached the dock and the clerk, who the manager had fired over the ham, stepped out of the car, took the case, put it in the car, and sped off. After reviewing the video of this that the private detective showed him, the manager called the police to arrest the clerk. They later arrested the other man at his flat for theft of the ham and receiving stolen goods. It surprised both that there was video of the crimes for which they were charged. Because of the irrefutable proof, they admitted to selling the store's products as a way of making extra cash.

Our private detectives have evaluated the store for other holes in their security and upgraded it where needed. The manager posted signs both in the break room and the dock stating there were hidden cameras present. He hoped the signs would deter any future temptation to steal. Bristol Private Detectives has since been an important part of the store's security package. The store has involved our private detectives in everything from employee background checks to shoplifting prevention. The manager no longer sees the costly product loss that first brought him to our offices.