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On many occasions Bristol Private Detectives have been requested to undertake employee monitoring solutions. These types of services are completed by our skilled and professional private investigators for many reasons asked by the client. We have a solution that is effective and cost effective that will get the results you need, even though these reasons are varied.

Employee monitoring conducted by our Bristol private investigators will consider your entire employee monitoring requirements. We are able to setup covert CCTV or hidden digital cameras all through your working environment to observe efficiency, submit undercover officials to discover rouge employees and perform surveillance on workers that you might believe of fake or untrustworthy conduct.

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Bristol Employee Monitoring

A distraught owner of a design firm contacted the Bristol Private Detectives. He suspected that somebody on his staff was getting into private files on his laptop while he was away from the office. When he returned, he found someone had shut his laptop down. Our client was in the habit of letting the machine go into sleep mode by itself so it would come up quickly when he needed it. A conversation he had with a competitor at a conference also disturbed him. The competitor let it slip that he knew something our client was planning that nobody else knew. So far, the ideas had only been thoughts and some rather specific notes on his laptop. He had not shared them with anybody yet. It all felt to him as though someone had been in his laptop. And worse, he had a distinct feeling that someone may be giving information to the business's competition. Recently, a design for a new package the company had been working on had been released on the Internet early. The company that hired their creative department to design the package was furious. They had a big publicity roll out planned around the design, but the premature exposure ruined it. The designer and the owner had been careful to keep the secret, but the designer kept images of all of his designs on his office computer. It was a clear case of sabotage. Our client, suspecting espionage, hired our private investigators to find out if someone was accessing the company computers without authorisation.

Employee Monitoring in Bristol

Our private detectives loaded software on to the company's network that would record everything. The software could log anything one could do with a computer from screenshots to keystrokes. It recorded the time someone accessed a computer, and how long an individual stayed on it. Each computer had a password, but it would be simple enough for someone with moderate skills to the hack them. However, now the new software would register any behaviour that suggested someone trying to discover a password. Our detectives also set hidden cameras around the office so our private investigator could identify who was at which computer and when. He could compare this to the software logs for easy identification. It didn't take long for them to find the spy. A recent hire in their accounts department was seen on video going from computer to computer in the creative department after normal work hours. The software recorded her looking through document and graphics file. She would periodically insert a flash drive and download material. She even went into her client's office and downloaded some his private email correspondence from there.

When the owner, the private investigator and the company solicitor confronted the woman with the evidence, at first she denied everything. When the solicitor told her how much trouble she had created for herself, she agreed to tell everything in hopes of leniency. The competition had approached the woman offering a generous reward for anything she could give them. She eventually testified against the competition in court and the court fined them heavily. The owner has chosen, with the knowledge of the employees, to leave the software installed on the company computers. Bristol Private Detectives has served at the company's security consultant since.