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Corporate Investigations Bristol

Bristol Private Detectives have a variety of corporate investigations for the company. Our expert private detectives in Bristol have assisted a lot of companies to get the results they need and still assist these businesses today with our many corporate investigation services. These services include employee monitoring, security, protection and due diligence to name but a few

A lot of companies have issues with employing the best employees and our corporate investigation solutions have included vetting numerous CV's and clarifying recommendations to the nth level to make sure that applicants are as experienced and skilled as his or her specifics recommend. Our very skilled Bristol detectives can keep track of your staff to make sure they are performing their responsibilities to the very best of their capabilities.

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Bristol Corporate Investigations

The recruiting manager for a large financial company called Bristol Private Detective seeking help with hiring. Our private detectives in Bristol were familiar with the company having done work for them in the past. The company had suffered from a rash of unqualified and dishonest new employees lately. Recent growth in the company demanded the manager fill several positions quickly. She felt her department was not screening the candidates carefully enough because they lacked the know-how and time to dig deeply. When the company had hired our private detectives in the past, the job was to find an embezzler who was stealing from them. Part of that investigation included background work that led to exposing the criminal. The company felt that someone should do similar work with the CVs. Hiring and firings were time-consuming and expensive tasks. The company wanted to hire some good employees who they could keep for a while. Too much turn over resulted in an unstable workforce within the company. An internal study recently found that hiring unqualified workers cost the company a fortune. So when they added it all up, they decided to hire the Bristol Private Detectives to research applicants. Our private detectives began to screen any candidates who made it past their first cut for a junior executive position or greater.

Corporate Investigations in Bristol

Our private investigators began to separate those who were truthful from those who were not. Normal people who we might assume were otherwise honest had no trouble lying when looking for a job. An early example was a man who claimed to have earned a business degree at an Ivy League university in the US. When our private detective called the school, the university had no record of the individual ever attending their business school. The candidate probably thought nobody would bother to call a school an ocean away. Another claimed to have had a long career at a company that had famously folded. Our private detective found people from the defunct company who were in a position to accurately deny the candidate had ever worked there. Not all the CV difficulties were outright lies. Some were simply exaggerations. With their recent hiring problems, however, the company had adopted a zero tolerance policy about lies on resumes. Even the misstating of the time spent at another company by a few months could disqualify a candidate under the stricter standards. Since the company wanted to hire only the best, they directed our private detectives to examine the candidates deeply. In one close call, our detectives uncovered a candidate who had stolen from another company. The company had been looking favourably on hiring him before our investigation. Our clients were certainly not seeking to hire another embezzler.

The hiring manager has found working with our private investigators has made her life much easier. The time it takes to hire or fire someone at a company can be long. Making the right decisions during the hiring makes the firing less likely, thus saving significant time and money. The manager said that our investigations have become such a valuable part of their hiring they consider the Bristol Private Detectives a regular part of their human resources staff.