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Background checks completed by Bristol Private Detectives can provide you with the reassurance you hunger for in some circumstances. These circumstances could be everything from looking at a possible worker, possibly at the office in your home, discovering much more about your daughter's new sweetheart or ensuring the Building company you are considering employing to build your backyard patio are who they are saying they are and that they can achieve what you want.

Either in your home life or in your business, there can be a temptation to skip thorough background checks on casual workers because they are only casual workers. These are the individuals you should take a look at because they have much less to lose than long term employees. Bristol Private Detectives provide background checks that may help you discover the truth about somebody you should know much more about.

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Bristol Background Checks

A client of Bristol Private Detectives had inherited a large house and made it into a bed and breakfast. She also rented out her garden for small weddings and other events that she organised for a fee. Because of the size of the house and the variety of affairs she hosted, she used a great many casual workers to complement her small permanent staff. There were people coming in all the time that cleaned the windows, manicured the lawn, kept the garden, and catered dinners. One day, an I Pad had disappeared from an overnight guest's room. Our client made good on the I Pad and the disappearance remained discreet. However, she became concerned about the number of people who went in and out of her establishment as workers. While she had no idea who took the I Pad, she worried that it might be one of the casual workers. She had background checks performed by our private investigators on her full-time staff when they were hired and felt confident they wouldn't steal. She understood that her reputation was the most valuable asset to her enterprise. She considered the people who came into her house as workers. For all she knew, they could be anybody and capable of anything. And so she sought the help of our Bristol private investigators to set up a method of doing background checks on those who worked for her casually.

Background Checks in Bristol

Supplied with a list of casual workers, our client sat down with our private investigator and we sorted out the names. A few of the catering concerns had already done their own background checks. Otherwise, our client had hired most of the rest of the workers through classified advertisements she had placed. Our private detective suggested that our client make hiring a worker dependent on their willingness to provide simple information on an application that we could use for a background check. Our client could then keep a log of vetted workers and use only those people. This would help her gain peace of mind about who was in her house. As she began to introduce this new requirement to her workers, most were willing to give the simple information needed for our private investigator to check their backgrounds. Only one had difficulty with it. It was a repairer who said he would not work in 'such an environment of mistrust'. This led to speculation because the odd-jobber had been doing work around the B & B on the day the I Pad vanished, but there was never any proof.

The owner of the B & B never again hired anyone whether casual or permanent without a background check by the Bristol Private detectives. She found great value in the peace of mind these checks provided. There have been no thefts or other problems of the kind in the house since our client began this practice of background checks. Of the many things she has to worry about in running the B & B, the honesty of her workers has not been one of them.