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It is important to hire private investigation services to ensure it is worth the time and money you will need to invest if you have been a victim of crime and you are intending to take the offender to court for damages.

Through the years Bristol Private Detectives have been asked by private and businesses customers to undertake asset traces for a lot of various factors. The most common objectives have been to discover the resources of offenders and debtors by the victim or to check out one's own resources when you make a will.

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Bristol Asset Location

A man who was trying to buy a second-hand car called Bristol Private Detectives hoping to get help. He had found a used car for sale online. When he went to see the car, he was very impressed by it. The car looked as though the previous owner had maintained it well. The used car looked nearly new. However the seller wanted much less for the car than our client could have found anywhere else. It was an amazing deal. And that is why the buyer wanted to discuss it with our private detectives. It was too amazing of a deal. The private seller had asked our client to meet him on the remote side of a large car park. The seller claimed he was leaving the country and that he had to sell the car quickly. He needed to complete the transaction in cash because he already quit his UK bank and didn't have time to deal with a cheque. He said he had a logbook for the car, but he didn't show it to our client. Our client was no fool, but his desire for the car made the arrangement tempting. If he could legitimately have that car for that price, it would make him a happy man. Our client wisely used the ruse that he needed time to get the cash together so as to delay the buy until the afternoon of the same day. He managed to get the VIN from the car and brought it to our private investigator. He was hoping we could verify the ownership of the car and perhaps find out a little about the car's history. While our client was in love with the car and, therefore, optimistic, there were too many signals of a shady deal in his story.

Asset Location in Bristol

Our Bristol private investigators found the car had only one previous owner. and there was no history of reported accidents. However, he also found the previous owner had reported the car missing three days earlier. The real owner had parked it outside of his house in the evening, and, when he started for work the next morning, it was no longer where he had parked it. On the advice of our private detective, our client reported this to the police. The police arrested the scam-artist, and the car was eventually returned to its rightful owner. However, when the police came to arrest the man, there were two other men standing nearby who fled when they saw the police. There was a chance that bodily injury might have come to our client if he had shown up at the scene with cash in his pockets. Our private detective's intervention saved our client not only the grief of buying a car that he would not own, but they could have also saved him from assault and robbery.

Eventually, our client found another second-hand car that was a more realistic deal. He once again had our private investigators do an asset trace on the car to confirm its history and its ownership. He has advised his friends who are looking for used cars to contact the Bristol Private Detectives. Now, he recommends an asset trace on a car as a given part of buying a second-hand car.